A happy outcome is worth waiting for. This is what one could understand as the bands credo.
The guys have given themselves no less then1 1/2 years for the production of their first longplayer - and the result is truly smashing.


We have been going all the way together with them, starting with the drum recordings up to the last mix and polish.
We have filed some snippets of the album under media, to give you an insight what it sounds like.


ses_martinRockfeld Studios…. also Mario and Dirk or Dirk and Mario, no matter how you look at it, you'll meet two true musicians that also have an incredible amount of know-how and engagement in the production process. Frome the very first day we enjoyd the relaxing atmosphere and both were there to help us with words and deeds. It came clear quite fast, that these two don't do things by halves and their claim motivated all of us to best performances. In the process of the recordings Mario and Dirk identified with our material so they could help us with questions concerning the arrangement in some tracks. At the following mixing sessions the two where really listening and responding to us, so we finally left the studio with a feeling of having created a product as we have wanted it. You always have to accept compromises but with these two you're not in danger of losing yourself….. so bands out there, visit these two and experience for yourself!
We will come back for sure!

High5, SES (Martin)