Unser Birthday Special

Singt einen Song für Eure/n liebsten - persönlicher geht es nicht. Es ist ganz einfach. Ihr sprecht mit uns ab welchen Song Ihr singen möchtet und den Rest machen wir.
Ein bißchen singen können ist natürlich von Vorteil ;)

Birthday Special



Our portfolio of services is a wide variety , our strength is the individual comissioned production , that will be realized custom-tailored . At this place we want to give a short overview on what we are doing.




royalty-free music

Whether for your music on hold, your answering machine, broadcast for your booth or your own company-song -we produce your individual music, but without having to think of any further fees . The tracks you will get are completely royalty-free - we offer many different solutions, from a simple background loop for your homepage up to a full Corporate Sound Identity.


We create backing tracks on demand for choirs, partybands or solo entertainers. We deliver as .wav or mp3 (online), according to requirements .
You only pay once for the creation, no further fees are linked.

band productions

Wether it is the acoustic duo or  the six person band with additional brass section, we'll get recorded (nearly) everything, at a pinch one after the other (so-called "sandwich-method", one track will be recorded after the other, this is also our favored recording method)
We are also not stylistically fixed, we produce the dance-track, as well as the next metal production .


You have recorded your tracks in your rehearsal room? Or you have preproduced your tracks at home? Now it is time for polishing the mix and you don't know jow? We can help, we mix single tracks or complete albums. Conditions: You bounce your single audio tracks from position zero, ideally 24bit, 44 khz, then there should be no problem importing your tracks into our daw.


Your tracks are mixed, but you need some fresh, independent ears for the final polish? We got them - mastering of sub groups of your mixes or based on bounced stereo files of the whole mix - if necessary we also provide you with hints regarding the mix ;).


instrument tracks

You have your next #1 hit ready but there are some guitars missing and no guitarist in sight? Even there we can help you out - we offer instrument tracks in the following fields:

  • e-guitars (also solos)
  • acoustic guitars
  • keyboards / piano
  • drum programming

For every played track 1x reworking is included if necessary.


vocal service

You're missing the background choir for your next production? We can rely on a widely spread network of male and female singers to enhance your tracks vocally.