mesa_grungeWe are able to record 20 channels simultaneously. However, usually we work with the so-called "Sandwich"-method, where we record one instrument after another. This offers the possibility to edit the single tracks later on if necessary, e.g. because there is no guitar in the drum tracks. The decision is made togehter with you, which recording method suits your project best.

Our software and samplepool is fairly equipped , there should be nothing left to be desired. Here is a small excerpt of our line-up:

* Cubase 4 + Cubase SX 3
* NI Kontakt 2 | Kontakt 3
* Steinberg Virtual Guitarist
* Steinberg Hypersonic
* Best Service Artist Drums
* BFD Drums 1 + 2 plus Joe Barresi Evil Drums Extension
* Kirk Hunter Emerald Orchestra
* div. Waves-Plugins
* East West Symphonic Choirs
* East West Colossus
* NI Guitar Rig 3


* 2x Dual Core, each with 1x M-Audio Delta 1010
* 1x Behringer SL 2442FX-PRO Eurodesk 24 channel mixer
* Alesis Monitor 1 Mk II
* diff. compressors / preams